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    At this time all live programming has been postponed. We are still meeting just in a different format. Join one of our digital resources below and Sunday's at 11 am on facebook live.


    Check out our brand new youtube page and digital resource page for resources and content.



  • Online Digital Ministry

    In these past few weeks we have had to quickly rethink ministry. We at FCC have committed to meeting students and families in their digital spaces. Below are two digitals options for how we as a student ministry are staying connected during this time.

    Voke App

    Download Here 

    What is Voke?

    Voke is a Christian video sharing app helping you grow your faith and make a difference. It is an online community of students growing deeper in faith and navigating life together. Join today and invite a friend. It takes just a few seconds to sign up.


    To sign up download the app from the link above. Create an account. Make sure to add a profile pic so we can know who you are. The app will ask if you have an adventure code plug in

    Logan's code 935251 or Sara's Code 721943


    If you run in to trouble email me at jmoore@scottsburg.church

    YouVersion Bible App


    If you sign up each week you will be invited to a bible plan with our group. Expect to be encouraged and have great conversations with fellow believers as we navigate tough topics using God's word.


    To Sign up Download the app from the link above or through the app store. Create an account. Add me as a friend. Don't forget to add a profile pic so we know who you are!


    Search for me by phone number or email address mooremusic2002@gmail.com

    Meet Logan and Sara

    Voke Group Leaders

    Logan and Sara are two of our amazing volunteers who are full of joy and love our students. They will be leading students through amazing voke adventures that take place through the voke app.

  • How to sign up for Voke


    Click the link and visit the app store


    Create an account

    Create your account. Make sure to add a profile pic so we know who you are.


    Use your code to join an adventure

    Join with a code below and don't forget to invite a friend!

    Logan's code 935251

    Sara's Code 721943



    You did it!

  • Meet Our New

    Next Gen Pastor

    Next Gen Pastor - Josh Moore

    Instagram - @mooremusic_02 - @fccscottsburg



    YouVersion Bible App

    Gamer Tags

    Steam - mooremusic_02

    Twitch - JCRUwithMe

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